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Do you have enough diversity in your diet?

If you’re like most people, even those who have been on their wholefoods journey for quite a while, chances aren’t great that you’re eating as many varieties of plants as you could be. It’s so easy to get caught up with focusing on the type, amount and quality of our food, that we can overlook the fact that our gut bacteria thrive on a very diverse range of nutrients and fibre. And if they’re thriving, we’re thriving!

Is this challenge for you?

This 10 day challenge will gently get you out of your comfort zone by broadening your range of plant foods in a given week. The aim is to include 60 different varieties and we have plenty of ideas, recipes, videos and live calls to help you do just that. And shortcuts – lots of them! So, don’t worry if you’re short on time or head space – you can fit 15 plant foods in one easy batch of homemade muesli.

How does it work?

There are lists and record sheets to help you assess how many plant foods you’re currently eating prior to the challenge, and then it’s about setting a new goal – perhaps you’re happy with 60, or maybe you’d like to rack up some bonus points (which are offered each time you try a new food for the very first time).

Learn to expand your repertoire of the delicious ‘pseudograins’ like buckwheat, quinoa, millet, teff and amaranth. Rediscover the benefits of beans, peas and pulses and easy ways to make them more digestible.

If you’re a devout paleo proponent or avoiding grains and beans for other reasons – fear not! We have quick and easy recipes focusing on other paleo friendly plant foods, like seaweeds and sprouts. (And live demonstration videos, in case you’re new to making seaweed salads and the like, at home.)

We’ll be swapping recipes, posting snaps of our exotic looking veggies and encouraging each other to get creative. Along with our live calls to explain WHY plant diversity is one of the keys to health.. you’ll leave with a fresh perspective on how to eat to keep your gut bacteria thriving.

What to expect:

  • Daily live calls with Georgia & guest
  • Live videos fom Georgia’s kitchen
  • Accompanying e-book with tips and recipes
  • Downloadable action sheets, lists & scorecard
  • Access to our supportive 60 Plants 10 Days Facebook Group

Course details:
When: Starts Wednesday 6th June 2018
Format: Live online group challenge
WTE member offer: $19
Tickets non-refundable, but transferable.