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Each week, the portal will reveal on-topic theory tutorials, recipe videos with Georgia and other guests, as well as engaging video interviews with our panel of experts. This phenomenal info hub will also host podcasts, fact sheets, guides and a mini e-book detailing the week’s recipes, tasks and shopping list. Fill your mind with nutritional nuggets anytime and anywhere.





Relax and put your feet up. This is your timeout day to catch up and get back into the swing after your weekend.


This is where the week kicks off. Let our live session inspire you into rolling up your sleeves and getting involved. Have a look at the new content now up on the portal.

Wednesday - Friday

Let the info sink in as you learn from the videos and podcasts. Take it at your own pace and immerse yourself in the application of insights.


Let’s go shopping. Armed with your list and basket, hit your local provedore to stock up on delectable ingredients for your weekly task.


Carve out some time in your Sunday to spend an hour or two in the kitchen cooking up a storm and putting your new skills into practice.

Case study

"Before 'What To Eat', I had an interest in eating well, but didn’t have a great depth of knowledge around eating nutrient dense foods. I also thought ‘low fat’ or ‘no fat’ was good for me – oh how I was wrong!

I have gluten and dairy intolerance issues and was struggling with eating the same meal day after day, because I didn’t know what variety was out there or how to spice it up. Through the program, I was able to have my assumptions corrected, identify gaps in my knowledge and expand my repertoire of recipes."


Sarah Kozicki
Founder, Sprout PR

Weekly Topic Breakdown

To start you on your path to sustainable healthy living, the program is designed to walk with you while you reshape your food philosophy and begin eating for life. Here’s a rundown of the weekly theory topics you’ll be digesting each week:

Week 1 | Welcome and Introduction
We outline the WTE food philosophy and investigate the differing dietary theories. We also explore the mind-body connection and the effect of stress on digestion and immunity.

Week 2 | Understanding Digestion
We explore how to optimise the five key areas responsible for good digestive health, focusing on gut repair and promoting liver function for hormone balance and detoxification. We also master fermented foods and bone broth for gut health.

Week 3 | Intro to Macronutrients and optimal fats
We introduce the importance of the 3 macronutrients: fats, carbs and protein. We rank the full spectrum of fats and oils, outlining the health detriment or benefits of each. We also learn practical ways to prepare and incorporate healthier fats.

Week 4 | Preparing Optimal Carbohydrates
We discuss the healthiest types of sugars, starches and fibre and learn clever ways to prepare them for optimal digestion. We also chew on the pros and cons of all of the refined sugar alternatives.

Week 5 | Animal protein I – Meats
We get the rundown on food provenance and food labels, learn how to determine quality and cut through the confusion. We also look into how farming methods and soil health impact the nutrient density of our food.

Week 6 | Animal protein II – Eggs, Seafood & Dairy
We delve further into deciphering marketing terms and learn how to speak ‘label’. We explore how to source quality proteins and get an introduction to the sustainability of edible insects.

Week 7 | Maximising Nutrients
We look into traditional food preparation techniques for maximum nutrient absorption and find simple ways to minimise the effects of plant toxins found in beans, grains, nuts and seeds.

Week 8 | Intro to Micronutrients
We identify the key food sources of commonly deficient nutrients and learn practical ways to incorporate them. We discover how and why nose-to-tail eating leads to improved health and clever ways to store fresh produce for maximum nutrient preservation.

Week 9 | Tools For Dietary Concerns
We outline empowering options for investigation when it comes to specific dietary issues. We look at the problems inherent in our current food system and learn how we can become part of the solution.

Read more about our experts

We’ve put together a panel of our favourite growers, butchers and chefs as well as experts in gut health, traditional food preparation and so much more. You’ll learn fascinating insights, trade secrets and practical everyday suggestions that will inspire you to change the way you shop, cook and eat.

Doorstep Delivery

If you’re in Sydney, skip the shopping list and opt in for the convenient delivery of a fortnightly food box. You can start applying learning and shake up your food-sphere by sampling our delicious selection of premium, local products. Consolidate your knowledge and get keen in the kitchen by following our hands-on approach to the theory and practice. Details about the box contents and pricing will be emailed once you’ve signed up to participate in the program.


Makers box

You’re gung-ho and ready to make things from scratch. If you want to be hands on for the whole process, this box is for you. You’ll receive all the base ingredients to be able to follow the weekly tasks and integrate your new skills in the kitchen.

Busy box

You’re time poor and love the weekly suggestions but don’t have time to make things from scratch. If you need a head start, this is the box for you. You’ll receive ready-to-eat products so that you can easily integrate the suggested foods into your diet.

“I have been on this ‘real food’ journey for about 18mths and to be honest, I have found so much information confusing and contradictory.  I have learned lots about a whole range of topics but this program pulled it all together for me.  It was like the final piece of the puzzle for my journey so far.  Yes, I knew bone broth was good for me, but this course helped me understand why. It helped me to introduce it into our family.

The recipes have been awesome, the information invaluable and the community, amazing.  Thank you Georgia –  loved every minute of it.  The only negative is where to from here? I want more!” Lauren



Looking for gift ideas?

Take it from our previous graduates, the What To Eat program is a life-changing experience and makes the perfect gift around this time of year.

We have beautiful gift vouchers currently being made up, that can be mailed out to you for someone special. The voucher will enable the recipient to participate in the next intake of the program.


Paying it forward

When you join the What To Eat program, a portion of your ticket will go towards supporting small-scale farmers, who focus on regenerative farming methods. This type of agriculture improves the fertility of the soil and prioritises animal health and welfare.  Fertile soil and happy, healthy animals create nourishing food and, in turn, healthy people.

We believe that by supporting small-scale local farms, we’re helping to create robust communities that can unite to effect real change on a larger scale.

And even more importantly for consumers, by creating a demand for high quality, farm fresh products, we’ll see more of these farms flourishing, which greatly improves accessibility.

Wouldn’t you love to enjoy the benefits of exceptionally fresh, delicious and nourishing food, produced by a local farmer or artisan? The change starts with us.