Supporting local farmers

When you join the What To Eat program, a portion of your ticket will go towards supporting small-scale local farmers, who focus on regenerative farming methods. We believe that a flourishing local food system creates robust communities that can unite to effect real change on a larger scale.


Grace Springs FarmLocal farmers: Grace Springs Farm

Located in Kulnura, NSW, Grace Springs Farm is a 26 acre family farm producing pastured eggs, grass fed beef, honey, chemical free fruits & vegetables as well as chemical free garlic. We are also raising Muscovy ducks, Wiltipol sheep and a couple of Guernsey heifers. Our farming focus is on the health of our soils and pastures. With healthy soils we produce diverse, abundant pastures and raise healthy animals. Our animal’s welfare is of the utmost priority to us and we endeavour to give them the best life possible.

How we’ll use the funding:

1. Implementing a mobile cool room, so that we can deliver our product to customers and so that customers have the option to come here to collect their items at our open days. A registered cool room is required to store product on site.

2. Purchasing a water pump. Our goal is to connect it to a pump, place the system on a box trailer and tow the tank behind the tractor and spray our beautiful homemade compost teas and lacto-fermented applications on our pastures to increase soil organism activity (just like feeding ferments to encourage gut bacteria activity).


Full Circle Farm

Located in Jilliby, NSW, Full Circle Farm is a lush, 54 acre farm established in early 2015, focusing on ethically-raised, pasture-fed chickens, pigs and steers. We believe our food system is broken and we aim to empower consumers to have choice and know exactly where their food comes from.

Everything we do is based on capturing as much solar energy as possible, growing as much grass as possible, using animals to eat the grass and cycle back nutrients to the soil. Nature has no waste basket, it has cycles. We strive to close the loop, mimicking a healthy ecosystem where animals are a vital part of creating a bio diverse and healthy landscape.

We farm in a way that is ecologically enhancive and respects both the animal and its environment.
We use Multi Species, in a rotational grazing pattern that mimics nature. No animal is ever stationary, constantly moving to fresh pasture away from dirty environments. This allows pastures to rest and animals to avoid needing drugs and vaccines to stay healthy.

How we’ll use the funding:

1. Purchasing young steers so that we can offer beef boxes to our community in 2016. We’ve already trialled this with friends, who have invested upfront for the product. It’s worked really well so far as it has allowed us to get animals grazing on our land.

2. Install and repair our animal watering system and fences to allow us to move animals regularly and with greater ease.