Program contributors

Joel Salatin, Polyface Farm

Joel F. Salatin is an American farmer, lecturer, and author whose books include Folks, This Ain’t Normal; You Can Farm; and Salad Bar Beef.

Salatin raises livestock using holistic management methods of animal husbandry, free of harmful chemicals, on his Polyface Farm in Swoope, Virginia, in the Shenandoah Valley. Meat from the farm is sold by direct-marketing to consumers and restaurants.

Salatin’s 550-acre (2.2 km2) farm is featured prominently in Michael Pollan’s book The Omnivore’s Dilemma (2006) and the documentary films, Food, Inc. and Fresh. His unconventional farming practices have drawn attention from the alternative agriculture community especially those interested in sustainable livestock management. For example, Pollan became interested in Salatin because of his refusal to send food to locations not within a four-hour drive of his farm, i.e. outside his local “foodshed.” “We want [prospective customers] to find farms in their areas and keep the money in their own community,” said Salatin. “We think there is strength in decentralization and spreading out rather than in being concentrated and centralized.”

Salatin’s philosophy of farming emphasizes healthy grass on which animals can thrive in a symbiotic cycle of feeding. Cows are moved from one pasture to another rather than being centrally corn fed. Then chickens in portable coops are moved in behind them, where they dig through the cow dung to eat protein-rich fly larvae while further fertilizing the field with their droppings.

Costa Georgiadis - What to Eat program

Costa Georgiadis, Gardening Australia

Costa is an eco-visionary who is always focused on the big picture – the interplay of the micro and the macro. For Costa, soil and water are central to absolutely everything and their availability and sustainability is of the utmost global importance.

Food and Food Security are two areas where Costa connects his skills with landscape design to the very future of human settlements, our cities as we know them. He is involved with Regenerative Agriculture and the holistic practices that are being nurtured to deal with the issues of a rapidly urbanizing world. Through ongoing workshops, lecture series, keynotes, and expos and on site practicums, Costa is actively involved with delivering this message to the broader community.

As host and co-creator of Costa’s Garden Odyssey for SBS television, he caught the attention of the nation, sharing his knowledge and passions with one and all. He continued his journey in 2013 as much-loved host of one of the ABC’s most iconic television programs, Gardening Australia. Costa brings to it his unique, inimitable and delightful approach to nurturing and gardening the plants and people of Australia.

Will Studd

Will Studd has been working with specialist cheese for more than four decades and has travelled extensively in his vocation.

After establishing delicatessens in central London in the 1970s, he migrated to Melbourne, Australia, where he has done much to promote a greater understanding of what good cheese is all about, as well as championing the cause for cheese made from raw milk.

Since 2002, Will has been the executive producer and presenter of Cheese Slices – a unique television series focused on artisanal and traditional handmade cheeses around the globe. Cheese Slices (or , in the US, Cheese Chasers – World Adventures)  has visited hundreds of dairies and cheese makers in more than two-dozen countries around the globe. This award-winning show is now in its seventh season.

Jude Blereau, Wholefood Cooking

Jude Blereau is a whole and natural foods expert who has been teaching and food coaching within the organic and wholefood industries for over 20 years.

After co-founding the Earth Market in 1997, a wholefood store and cafe in Perth, Australia, she moved on to set up the Whole Food Cooking School in 2001. Her focus is on helping people learn about good food and giving them the tools and information they need to make healthy and wholesome eating a part of their everyday lives.

Terry McCosker, RCS Australia

Terry is an internationally acclaimed teacher and has worked in research, extension and property management for over 45 years. In his research era, Terry published over 40 papers and made several world first discoveries in the 1980’s in the fields of bull fertility, ruminant nutrition and pasture ecology.

Terry is also a pioneer in the field of soil carbon and carbon farming, having been committed to research and commercial activity in this area for over seven years. In this capacity he is Chairman of Carbon Link Limited, an agricultural aggregator.

Indira Naidoo

Indira Naidoo’s television broadcast career has spanned more than two decades. She has anchored and reported for some of the country’s most distinguished news and current affair programs, including the ABC’s Late Edition nightly news and SBS TV’s award-winning World News Tonight.

In 2009 she was selected from 2000 applicants to be trained by former US President Al Gore as a climate change presenter.

In 2013 she was appointed an ambassador for the Sydney homeless centre the Wayside Chapel and conducts weekly gardening classes on its award-winning rooftop vegetable garden.

Indira’s bestselling book The Edible Balcony documented her adventures growing fruit and vegetables on her inner-city balcony and then making them into delicious recipes. In 2015, Indira published The Edible City, an inspirational collection of stories of ‘green guerrillas’ all over the country on a mission to convert wasted urban land into productive spaces to grow food.

She also writes the popular food and gardening blog

Indira Naidoo - What to Eat program


Glenn Morris - What to Eat program

Glenn Morris, FigTrees Organic Farms

Glenn Morris is the general manager of FigTrees Organic Farms based at Inverell and Grafton. After completing a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture through The University of Sydney in 2005, he has spent the past 9 years researching and practising advanced land stewardship models.

In his earlier career in conventional stud and commercial beef cattle operations, Glenn completed 20 years of observations, and intuitive farm practice. Glenn continually seeks to understand the intricate web of natural processes that rely on each other, and then strives to allow nature to work harmoniously alongside regenerative farming production.

Glenn’s passion for developing a better understanding of how to enhance the land to produce top quality pastures and high quality/value livestock, is behind his work ethic each day. The output from his professional approach to farming and his pursuit of best practice, FigTrees Organic Beef, is highly regarded as one of the premium organic ethical brands on the market. FigTrees Organic Beef was a finalist at the 2013 ABC delicious produce awards.

Glenn won the 2014 State Landcare award for Innovation in Sustainable Farm Practices and recently received Highly Commended at the National Landcare awards in this category.

Supported by his wife Katrina and motivated by his three sons Ben, James and Andrew, Glenn believes that as land stewards, farmers needs to make changes to preserve and enhance our farming land for present and future generations.


Simon Lawson, Agape Organic Restaurant & Food Trucks

At Agape, our passion has always been to create a food truck that breaks down the barrier that organic food is expensive. We only use organic, biodynamic, local & sustainable produce.

We wanted people to see that organic street food can be delicious, quick, healthy and great value. One of the goals and the heart of Agape is our involvement with social justice projects. We believe that sustainability is not only about looking after our earth but also the future generations that are to inhabit and care for it. That is why we support social justice organisations such as ‘Feed the hungry’ and ‘Compassion’.

The inspiration for our menus comes from what we get from our farmers and suppliers. It can be challenging at times, especially as organic produce is so reliant on weather. Having a very seasonal organic menu keeps us on our toes. There are always regular menu items on the truck but I always like to add dishes I get excited about.

At Agape, we really believe that organic food tastes better, is better for you and better for the works we live in.

Simon Lawson - What to Eat program


Nick Ritar - What to Eat program

Nick Ritar, Milkwood Permaculture

Nick Ritar grew up on a sprawling national park in western NSW, he later became a software architect and video artist. Nowadays as one half of Milkwood, Nick spends his life immersed in the philosophy, ethics, and practicalities of living and working with, rather than against, the natural environment.

By teaching permaculture, urban agriculture and mushroom cultivation he shares his passion and knowledge with hundreds of students each year, helping them to explore another way of living.


Fiona & Adam Walmsley,
Buena Vista Farm

Buena Vista Farm is a small mixed farm in Gerringong, South Coast NSW, operating under organic principles. We raise pastured heritage meat chickens, free range laying hens, pigs, bees, geese and ducks. We have an extensive market garden and a commercial kitchen that we produce a range of fermented foods out of, for sale at our local weekly farmer’s market.

We teach from-scratch cooking featuring traditional foods and we’re dedicated to practicing sustainable agriculture and encouraging people to make connections with where their food comes from. We’re passionate about strong local food systems and about nutrient-dense, handmade wholefoods in everyday kitchens.

Fiona & Adam Walmsley - What to Eat program


Dave Head - What to Eat program

David Head, Shiralee Organic Meats

David was in the family butchery business since the aged of 14. He has learnt all aspects of butchery, from the old style (when there was a butchery on every corner) to now, where he runs his own successful business, bringing new and innovative Organic and Biodynamic produce to the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Over the years he has achieved many awards from Smallgoods Competitions, honoured by a Community Service Award and recently winning Butcher and Business of the Year. His passion and vision for the future is by spreading the word of Organics and Bio dynamics, working closely with the great farmers we have in Australia and getting their product to the consumer on a larger and more affordable scale.


Skye Blackburn, The Edible Bug Shop

Skye Blackburn, founder of The Edible Bug Shop is an Entomologist and Food Scientist who has always had a passion for creepy crawlies.

In 2007 she started her own business breeding butterflies for weddings but later that year- after visiting farms in Thailand that specialise in the production of edible insects, Skye decided to return home and start Australian first edible insect farm.

Skye now runs Australia’s only edible insect farm, which is located in Western Sydney and has designed a range of healthy and sustainable foods that use insects as a superfood ingredient.

Skye is a worldwide pioneer in the production and development of edible insects as food, and hopes to see edible insects on the supermarket shelves as a sustainable source of food in the near future.

Butterfly Skye - What to Eat program


Kitsa Yanniotis - What to Eat program

Kitsa Yanniotis, Kitsa’s Kitchen & Emporio Organico

Kitsa’s journey began with first-hand experience of the detrimental impact of nutritional deficiency and digestive issues. Through her research Kitsa discovered that imbalances of gut flora were linked to the exponential growth in allergies, mood and behavioural disorders.

This knowledge, coupled with insights into the healing abilities of fermented foods, propelled her towards a cultured and traditional diet which eventually she came to share with others through her business Kitsa’s Kitchen and now her most recent venture, Emporio Organico.

Today, Kitsa is without a doubt one of Australia’s leading experts on cultured and traditional foods. Building on the roots of her award-winning range of organic, raw, cultured and allergy-friendly foods, Kitsa has emerged as a thought leader in the areas of nutrition, allergies and food intolerances.


Gillian Kozicki, Cultured Artisans

Gillian is the passion behind Cultured Artisans, where she has combined her love of home prepared good food and supporting good health. Gillian has spent many hours finding a rhythm that is working for her, her family and the friends she ferments with!

This has given rise to her teaching her passion to empower others to ‘ferment to better health’.

Gillian Kozicki - What to Eat program


Nicole Bowman - What to Eat program

Nicole Bowman, Peach & Co Sprouted Grains

Nicole has a professional background in public policy and community social services. At her core, she’s a chronic social studies nerd and loves humanities and social science related learning – especially those ideas which cut through fads to real life working examples of health and wellbeing.

Peach & Co is the most practical meeting point of the outcomes she’s always had a passion for – building and sustaining, healthy and vibrant local communities of people and a love for long held food traditions. It’s her hope that their work meaningfully supports individuals and professionals looking for wholefood resources and good quality traditionally prepared ingredients.


Tammi Jonas, Jonai Farms

Tammi is resident Mistress Meatsmith at Jonai Farms, where she and her family of ethicurean farmers raise pastured rare-breed Large Black pigs and cattle on 69 acres of volcanic paddocks just outside Daylesford, Victoria. Respecting what their friend and farming hero Joel Salatin has dubbed ‘the pigness of the pig’ is paramount to the Jonai, and they work hard to ensure their farming practices are fair ‘soil to stomach’.

Tammi does all of the whole-carcass butchering on the farm, and crafts a range of artisanal, nitrite-free smallgoods and charcuterie. The Jonai were the first farm in Australia to crowdfund major infrastructure – in 2013 they built a boning room, and in 2014 a curing room and commercial kitchen to make farmstead salami and charcuterie as well as a range of bone stocks to create a full nose-to-tail no-waste offering.

They also run regular butchery, sausage-making and curing workshops – including their very popular salami days each winter – to maintain and celebrate the traditional skills of respecting the whole animal.

Tammi has been writing about food ethics and politics since 2006 at her blog Tammi Jonas: Food Ethics, and has been widely published on food cultures, ethics, and politics in both academic and popular texts, including a chapter in the anthology Fair Food: stories of a movement changing the world published by UQP in 2015.

She is also the current President of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA), and a founding member of Fair Food Farmers United (FFFU), the producers’ branch of AFSA, which is focused on connecting and creating a strong voice for farmers who are feeding Australia fairly.

Tammi Jonas - What to Eat program


Alexx Stuart - What to Eat program

Alexx Stuart, Low Tox Life

Alexx is an advocate for all things she calls the ‘low tox life’ – making our best choices and doing so happily when it comes to food, sustainable living, personal care & cleaning products and more. She is of the belief that there should be no guilt or shame in making better choices as and when we’re ready to. Moving forward with excitement is a much better spent energy. Alexx passionately works to awaken people to all the little things we can do daily to shape our health and the world through her e courses, website, active online community, speaking and workshop events and believes strongly that grass roots education and community are what is going to make our world a better place.


Kate Johnston, Kore Wellbeing

Kate is a Naturopath, Clinical and Sports Nutritionist, Health Educator and Speaker with over 7 years experience in the health and wellness industry. She has immense passion for teaching people how to nurture and nourish their bodies on all levels. Throughout her years of clinical practice and study, Kate has come to realise just how much of an impact the food we eat has on our health and well-being – it can either be supportive and nourishing, or our absolute undoing. Even the smallest, simplest changes in someone’s diet can help to move them towards optimal health – and it is Kate’s mission to support and inspire people in this process.

Kate works with all areas of health and well-being, but her specific areas of passion are:

Hormone health and preconception care
Gut and digestive health
Paediatric health and nutrition
Sports nutrition and performance optimisation
Weight loss and detoxification support
Stress and mood disorders

Kate combines naturopathic philosophy with scientific knowledge and functional testing to provide a fully integrated, personalised and holistic approach to health and wellness. She is a health detective – and loves the challenge of unraveling health issues that previously couldn’t be solved. If you’re on board, Kate is on board and won’t stop until you find answers. Fused with her love of food and cooking, she is able to educate and inspire you to create lasting change in your diet, lifestyle and general well–being in ways that are easy to implement and tailored to your specific needs.


Cyndi O’Meara, Changing Habits

Cyndi O’Meara is a nutritionist, best-selling author, international speaker and founder of Changing Habits.

Cyndi graduated with a BSc majoring in Nutrition from Deakin University in 1984, her special interest was ancestral foods. At the end of her degree she was so disillusioned by the nutritional guidelines that she paved her own path and stayed clear of the low fat diets of the day, and not without controversy.

Her ground breaking book Changing Habits Changing Lives (1998) became an instant best seller and from there she has grown a successful organic food company, certified online education program and ground breaking documentary.
Cyndi is about educating, her greatest love is to teach people, in order for them to make better choices in their life, so they too can enjoy greater health throughout their life. Her unique, surprisingly simple and down-to-earth approach challenges and encourage others to eliminate unhealthy habits and has inspired thousands to make smarter choices about the food they choose to put into their body.

By educating people on how to read food labels, why diets don’t work, and how drugs can affect your total well-being and vitality, Cyndi confronts her audiences with new truths and empowers them to make long lasting changes with simple and achievable steps on how to create healthier habits.

You can find out more about Cyndi and Changing Habits at


Shalani McCray, Live Alive

Shalani McCray describes herself as an advocate for Wellbeing.

She could also be described as a university junkie, having studied early childhood education, nursing, remedial massage, nutrition, herbal medicine and is now in the application process to study medicine.

Shalani is also an ordained Interfaith minister, an EFT practitioner, Laughter Yoga professor, certified GAPS practitioner – personally trained by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, MAPS certified in addition to being a sort after speaker in Australia and internationally.

While strongly inspired by the varied traditional wisdom as shared by Dr Weston A Price, Shalani believes there is no ‘one size fits all’ way to eat, move and live and utilises her vast knowledge in her business, Live Alive Health Creation, to encourage people tap in to their body’s innate intelligence to create and live their best possible life.

A life of fabulous health, joy, vitality and inspiration.


Kira Sutherland - uberhealth

Kira Sutherland, überhealth

Kira Sutherland is an experienced Nutritionist / Naturopath that specialises in Sports Nutrition. As a health educator for over 20 years, Kira has worked with an array of clients both within Australia and overseas including: private colleges, health conferences, executives, sports teams, individual athletes and the media.

Known for her straight forward, dynamic teaching style she makes it her mission to educate people rather than just treat them. In her spare time Kira trains and competes in Ironman triathlon and practices what she preaches.


Jo Whitton, Quirky Cooking

I live with my family in country Far North Queensland, Australia, where I run my Quirky Cooking business from home and enjoy the country life. I have always loved cooking, and was blessed to grow up in a family where whole food cooking was the norm. My mum encouraged us to learn to cook from an early age, and cooking for me became a way to express my creativity, as well as a way to nurture my family.

Despite eating mostly wholefoods, however, I struggled with food intolerances as a child (not knowing what was making me sick). As I got older, my health grew worse. When our children came along, they also had similar health issues, and I began to search for solutions. I started experimenting with alternate ingredients, and healthier versions of old favourites. At the end of 2008, I decided to share my creations on a blog (Quirky Cooking) to help those who also needed healthy, allergy-friendly recipes. In May 2014, I published my Quirky Cooking cookbook with Thermomix in Australia, which quickly became a best seller. I began to teach seminars and classes, showing how and why I cook the way I do, and sharing my recipes and tips with audiences all over Australia and overseas.

Over the last couple of years, my focus has shifted from ‘allergy friendly’ to ‘gut healing’, as I began to understand the importance of a healthy digestive system for overall health. My son’s struggles with severe anxiety and OCD led us to the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet, which has been integral in his healing. I am now working on a program and recipe book for those needing help with cooking for gut health, as it can be overwhelming to change the family’s diet.

Jo Whitton - What to Eat program


Mim Beim, Beaming with Health

Mim Beim has been practising as a naturopath for 27 years. She has written 9 books including Natural Remedies released in 2014. She is a regular columnist, appearing on TV and radio. Mim is a senior lecturer at the naturopathic colleges. Mim is a trained Buteyko practitioner, and finds this breathing technique a powerful adjunct to her naturopathic treatments.

Mim lives in the beautiful Kangaroo Valley and has a naturopathic practice in the heart of Sydney and in Bowral in the Southern Highlands.


Diana Rodgers, Sustainable Dish

Diana Rodgers is a “real food” Licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner living on a working organic farm west of Boston.

As a child she was sick and underweight, struggling for decades with digestive issues and was later diagnosed with celiac disease. Understanding how to manage her own health issues in combination with a love of the outdoors and her husband’s desire to be a farmer meant a complete turnaround for Diana.

She now has an active nutrition practice, is an author, host of The Sustainable Dish Podcast and producer of the important movie “Kale vs Cow”as well as raising two active children. She speaks at universities and conferences internationally about nutrition and sustainability, social justice, animal welfare and food policy issues. She is the Consulting Dietitian to several gyms and also to: Nom Nom Paleo, Whole30, Dr. Kirk Parsley, The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, and Fresh Advantage, as well as being a board member of Animal Welfare Approved. She writes for Paleo Magazine, contributes regularly to several blogs and her work has been featured in The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, Outside Magazine, and Mother Earth News.


Jennifer McLagan

Jennifer McLagan is the author of the widely acclaimed books Bones (2005), Fat (2008), Odd Bits (2011), and Bitter (2014). Her books have won numerous awards from the Beard Foundation, IACP and Gourmand International. Fat was named the James Beard Cookbook of the Year and was also published in German Fett (2012). Her latest book Bitter was selected as one of the top ten food books by The Guardian, made the long list for the Art of Eating prize, and was featured in the Wall Street Journal, New Scientist and British Vogue. Jennifer is also published in French Les Os – dix façons de les préparer (2014).

Australian by birth, Jennifer has more than three decades of experience in the food world as a chef, caterer, food stylist and writer. She left behind a degree in economics and politics early on in order to train in the food business, beginning her professional life in the kitchens of the Southern Cross Hotel in Melbourne. Work as a chef took her from Australia to England, where she practiced her trade at Prue Leith’s highly regarded restaurant in London and then in the kitchens of Winfield House, home of the U.S. ambassador to the Court of St. James.

Jennifer’s work has appeared in “Gourmet”, “Fine Cooking”, “Food & Drink”, and Canada’s “Globe & Mail”. She has presented at the Adelaide Writers’ Week, Aspen Food & Wine Classic, the Slow Food University in Italy, the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, the Toronto Terroir Symposium, Saveur Stratford, Ontario, Dartmouth Food Festival, United Kingdom and the Epicurean Classic in Michigan. She is the regular food expert on the Australian national radio show Overnights with Trevor Chappell.


Dr Lara Briden

Dr Lara Briden is a naturopath and self-proclaimed period revolutionary! First working as a biologist, she went on to graduate as a naturopath in Canada. She spent many years building her practice in Australia and now resides in New Zealand.

She views the body as a logical, regenerative system that knows what to do when it’s given the right support. Over the last twenty years she has learnt that period problems respond incredibly well to nutrition and other natural treatments. Hormonal birth control is not the only option or the best option.

Her mission is to bring that message to women everywhere. To empower women to have the easy, symptomless periods and to join the worldwide “period revolution.”

She is an expert in PCOS, endometriosis, perimenopause, and many other period problems.


Professor Stuart B Hill

Professor Stuart B. Hill has a background in chemical engineering, ecology, soil biology, entomology, agriculture, psychotherapy, education, policy development and international development.

He completed his PhD in 1969, and was based at McGill University in Montreal Canada in 1974 where he established Ecological Agriculture Projects, Canada’s leading resource centre for sustainable agriculture. In 1977 he received a Queen’s Silver Jubilee Medal for his community and social transformation work.

Joining the University of Western Sydney (UWS) in 1996, he was the Foundation Chair of Social Ecology having taught units on qualitative research, social ecology, transformative learning and sustainability, leadership and change.

Stuart has published over 350 papers and reports. He has co-written four books on social ecology and sustainable living and has contributed chapters to numerous other publications.

He has worked in agricultural and development projects in the West Indies, French West Africa, Indonesia, The Philippines, China, the Seychelles, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. He has been involved in countless regional, national and international boards and committees and has been an advisor to governments on environment, agriculture and social issues.

Now retired, he is an Emeritus Professor in the UWS School of Education.


Matthew Evans, Fat Pig Farm

Matthew Evans is a former chef and food critic turned Tasmanian smallholder. He fattens pigs, milks a cow, tends a garden and writes about food from his office overlooking the silver birches atop his cottage on Puggle Farm, in the gorgeous Huon Valley.

Matthew is the author of ten books on food, including the authoritative Real Food Companion, his autobiography Never Order Chicken on a Monday followed by The Dirty Chef and the co-authored The Gourmet Farmer Deli Book.

He writes regularly for Feast magazine, and spends much of his week setting up another 70-acre piece of land as a mixed farm under the name Fat Pig Farm.


Thea Royal, Shaw River Buffalo

The beginnings of the Australian Buffalo Milking and Cheese industry started in Camperdown Victoria when the Haldanes imported buffalo from Italy and Bulgaria in the mid 1990’s. Roger and Sue started their buffalo cheese making under the Purrumbete label. When they out grew the factory in Camperdown they built a factory in Yambuk and in 2000 they shifted the family, herd and processing to the banks of the Shaw RIver.

The business is very much a family affair. Roger and Sue Haldane are still very hands on in the running and promotion of the business.

With five children there was never a shortage of helping hands with all of the livestock adventures the family have been involved in. Their middle daughter Thea manages the admin, manufacturing and promotional side of the business & her husband Andrew Royal, spent many years as chief cheese maker and manager at the factory before moving onto other things.  Son Ewan manages the livestock, export and oversees the farm management. Eldest daughter Amy manages the Haldane Icelandic horse stud and moonlights with her other sisters Skye and Erin, helping out with marketing, cheese tastings and promotions.