To your sneak peek of the 2018 ‘What To Eat’ program. Below you’ll find a few tasters of the animated tutorials, expert interviews and recipe videos to whet your appetite. We hope you enjoy browsing and learning!

Hi Georgia, love, love, love the program so far, you’ve done an amazing job
pulling this together and the wonderful people that are part of it, is awesome.
Well done. Feeling very grateful to be on this journey!
Belinda Yates

Expert interview

This is a tiny taster of one of the many expert videos in the program. A short piece from butcher Dave of Shiralee Meats who, along with all our other farmers and experts, will be enlightening you in the area of food quality and provenance. By the end of the program, you’ll know exactly what to look for and how to source it – at a reasonable price.

“Thankyou so much Georgia! The content of this course so far is amazing. It’s all making sense. I think everyone needs to do this course. The information is fantastic and put in an easy to understand way. This is life changing!” Fiona Rafton

Recipe video

Each week there are plenty of cooking demonstrations and how-to recipe tutorials that will inspire you to try something new. Join me and our special guests as we cover everything from nose-to-tail eating and fermentation for beginners; easy sourdough breads and pancakes; fun projects like cultured butter and labneh – and lots more!

“Hi Georgia, I’ve dived head first into the videos and just want to say, wow! I love the content and the way you’ve structured it into manageable chunks. I have an 11 month old daughter so my time is limited. It’s great to be able to play the videos at my own pace when I can grab a spare moment. Thank you!” Linda Benton-Rule

Theory presentations

Each week there is just over 1 hour of short animated tutorials like this one, plus an optional advanced series where you’ll find concepts from each lesson explored in greater depth. This is the theory part of the course, helping you understand why you’re doing certain things in the kitchen!


 “Having an absolute ball cooking up a storm while bub smiles at me from her playmat. ;) Thank you Georgia Lienemann, I am feeling sooo inspired already and its only week 2!!” Marie Strong

Hungry for more?

The 2018 program starts March 6th. Reserve your spot at the table
and join our passionate, like-minded community.

Lifetime access: $599 (incl. GST)


3 month access: $449 (incl. GST)


Terms & conditions: all tickets include GST and are non-refundable.