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 Free Nutrition: halve your food bill,Free Nutrition e-book ‘Free Nutrition: halve your food bill,
double your nutrient intake’

Why I wrote this e-book

In a dazzling world of so-called superfoods, expensive supplements and glamourised diets and detoxes, the real gems of the health world are often overlooked. Our obsession with glittering shortcuts and band-aid solutions has resulted in us missing the forest for the trees.

And in the midst of unprecedented rates of obesity, heart disease, cancer and a whole new generation of complicated auto-immune conditions, allergies, behavioural disorders and mental illness: our collective, worsening malnutrition has a LOT to answer for.

So, when I discovered that there’s an entire catalogue of vital nutrients our modern diet has ignored for decades, I had the overwhelming urge to shout it from the rooftops. These important nutrients, whilst intuitively revered by all traditional cultures, have long been overlooked by our health experts, nutrition textbooks and diet gurus alike.

And they’re the missing link. Not only for health, but for beauty, immunity, fertility and development, intelligence and mood.

The good news? They’re hidden abundantly in certain ‘forgotten foods’ that are inexpensive, easy to find, simple to prepare and delicious to eat.

What this E-book will give you..

# Over 80 pages of beautiful photographs, inspiration & recipes
# A step-by-step guide to uncovering hidden nutrients
# An introduction to traditional foods & how to prepare them
# Clever tips for kitchen efficiency & waste-free cooking
# A guide to smart shopping and eating well – for less
# Which greens contain up to 50 x the phytonutrients than the ones at organic farmers markets
# A clever trick to help utilise all the leftover fat from your broth-making sessions
# How to make use of carrot tops, radish greens & corn cobs
..And much more!