“I love the wealth of knowledge you’ve shared. It’s not just what you’ve read or learned in a course, but all of that and your own – sometimes painfully learned – personal experiences too.” Kylie

“I think the main difference is that I feel relaxed around food. You’ve brought home the most important truths and I feel like they’re so ingrained now that I’m not second guessing myself. The way I eat has become a lot more intuitive and confident.” Sarah

TestimonialTestimonial Testimonial

“You pay respect to traditional food wisdom and have helped me regain my faith in real food.”

“Thank you for sharing your wealth of nutrition knowledge in a practical and honest manner!”

“Fantastic, just love it. Thank-you so much Georgia for sharing what you’ve learnt. This is filling in all those missing pieces!” Sandra

“Georgia’s style of teaching is interactive, informative, fun and never boring!” Alicia


Praise for the ‘What To Eat’ program

“I have been on this “real food” journey for about 18mths and to be honest I have found so much information confusing and contradictory.  I have learned lots about a whole range of topics but this course pulled it all together for me.  It was like the final piece of the puzzle for my journey so far.  Yes, I knew bone broth was good for me but this course helped me to understand why!  It helped me to introduce it into our family. The recipes have been awesome, the information invaluable and the people amazing.  Thank you Georgia!  Loved every minute of it.  The only negative is where to from here….I want more!” Lauren

“Signing up for re-Program is by far the best thing I’ve done for mine and my family’s health. Georgia walked me through the very simple steps to taking back ownership of my health. This course is about nourishing yourself, being kind to your body and Georgia with all her passion and knowledge guides you through with practical advice and demonstrations with many words of encouragement. Thank you Georgia, you are a wealth of knowledge and a lovely lovely soul.”  Melissa

Testimonial Testimonial


“Your food philosophy combined with your genuine drive to help others makes this program truly unique.”

 “I feel connected to a new community of like minded people and more powerful for having been part of the re-Program.”

“A cheery, glowing and honest guide through a fairytale castle of seemingly endless rooms, shifting staircases, mirrors and illusions, pointing out what’s really worth looking at.. opening a few doors I hadn’t noticed before.” Kylie

“What to Eat is the perfect mix of nutrition info and easy methods to apply to your everyday routine.” Alicia

 “I have learnt things I never knew about previously. I am passionate about food and health and this information was fascinating.” Amanda

“I loved that the course was not covering ‘old’ ground but actually a new area of Nutrition…from a more practical way.  The recipes, the course content and the tastings were great.  It really made it more rounded. ..I think that you really honed in on the most important aspects of the topics and really gave us a good overview. Thanks so much for all of your efforts and time and for the yummy treats along the way.” Denise

“Loved the breadth of content and the range of resources that were given to us at the end of each session-this really helped expand my knowledge and learn about aspects of health that were new to me. The diverse range of resources we were given also kept it really exciting and offered something different each week.” Geraldine