Our What To Eat Companion E-Cookbook

We’re thrilled to have so many passionate and knowledgeable contributors for our 2016 What To Eat Companion E-cookbook. The book is packed with 80 delicious, easy recipes that are in line with the principles we cover in the What To Eat program.

Here’s a couple of teaser recipes. Lee Holmes’ Gluten Free Pizza and Jo Whitton’s Chocolate Mud Cake.

This is the companion E-cookbook that features alongside the main What To Eat recipe book which accompanies each week’s food lessons and recipe videos.

Have a look below. Quite an impressive list, don’t you think?

Businesses & Bloggers
Jo Whitton from Quirky Cooking
Irena Macri from Eat.Drink.Paleo
Lee Holmes of Supercharged Food
Brenda Janschek from Brenda Janschek Health & Lifestyle
Cass Michelin from Live it. Do it.
Kitsa Yanniotis from Emporio Organico
Honest To Goodness
Soulla Chamberlain from Star Anise Organic Wholefoods
Jane Jenkinson from Wholefood Family
Allison Bell from Broth of Life
Melissa Wilson-Shaw from The Real Food Club
Stacey Roberts from The Veggie Mama
Lauren Glucina from Ascension Kitchen
Martyna Angell from Wholesome Cook
Sonia Donaldson from Natural New Age Mum
Nicole Bowman from Peach & Co Sprouted Grains

Health Practitioners
Emma Sutherland
Louise Edney from Nourishing Nosh
Helen Padarin from Nourish-Ed
Kate Powe of Kate Powe Natural Medicine
Shalani McCray from Live Alive
Julia Allison from Nourish Your Health
Virginnia Thomas from Nourishing Pantry
Kasey Willson from My Health. My happiness.
Kellie Holland from Tonik Health
Amy Crawford from The Holistic Ingredient
Georgina Harding from Well Nourished

A sneak peek into our What To Eat companion book


What to Eat companion e-cookbook1 What to Eat companion e-cookbook2 What to Eat companion e-cookbook3

What To Eat companion e-cookbook4

We’re really proud of the gorgeous new eBooks for the 2017 program and super excited to think that the program is kicking off again this February.


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