What To Eat: an honest review

I was so touched by What To Eat graduate Joanne Musgrave’s review of her experience that I asked her permission to share it on our blog. Joanne is the founder of Shop Naturally and is well-known for her direct and (sometimes brutally) honest approach to sharing her findings. She certainly isn’t one to sugar coat and consequently, has become a trusted voice in the health space. In fact, one of my first introductions was her frank review of the Integrative Nutrition course.

Here’s her review of the What To Eat program.

What To Eat: a graduate’s perspective

“In 2014, I enrolled in the Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine with the aim of becoming a qualified nutritionist. Unfortunately, circumstances meant I wasn’t able to do it without the study damaging my health so I did the sensible thing and pulled out. As a ‘consolation prize’ I enrolled in the What To Eat program run by Georgia Lienemann from Stirring Change. I travelled to Sydney and sat in on the classes and learnt so much in a short pace of time. Trust me, it was no consolation prize, the course was amazing.

I considered myself to be pretty well read on the subject of nutrition before I started and there was so much information for me to learn. It was money well spent. Once the course was over, I made some changes to the way I cooked, shopped and thought about food. My health was the better for it.

If you’re in a dietary rut and don’t know what step to take next..
If you’re confused about what’s good for you and what isn’t..
If you love learning new things and being around people who inspire you..
If you want to learn how to nourish your body and not deprive it..
If you want shopping, cooking and eating to be a positive experience..
…then keep reading.

Georgia is a clinically trained nutritionist and wholefoods chef. She is a member of the ATMS and holds the Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine that I so desperately wanted for myself. She is also a graduate from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York City and the nutritionist for the NRL Parramatta Eels. Over the years she has used her own body as a guinea pig to trial many different dietary choices. The What To Eat program is the culmination of all of her training, education and experience.

In addition to the qualifications, I found her to be a warm, kind and generous teacher, with some humour thrown in for good measure. The atmosphere generated from the course and the support and joy in the community forums is almost worth the enrollment fee alone. The whole experience for me was one of positivity and indulgence, not negativity and deprivation. This isn’t a weight loss program or diet plan, it’s a solid foundation in quality nutrition, learning how to shop and cook for maximum nourishment.

I have a HUGE amount of respect for Georgia and the way in which she explains nutrition, cultivates people’s passion for preparing and cooking wholesome and nutritious food and the positive energy she puts in to every thing she does. Trust me, I don’t say this kind of thing very often.

With so much conflicting nutritional information out there, I was relieved to find out the truth from someone I respect. And you will be too.

A portion of all ticket sales are being donated to small scale farmers, focusing on regenerating soil fertility. In these early stages of setting up sustainable farming, there’s lots of expense and no revenue, so your enrollment in the course will help this too. The feel good vibes around this course and Georgia seriously never end.”


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