Glenn Morris: FigTrees Organic Farms

Meet Glenn Morris

We count ourselves lucky to have Glenn Morris as one of our What to Eat program experts. With a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture, Glenn has spent more than two decades studying and thoughtfully managing diverse ecosystems. In the program, he teaches us the importance of soil health and the dramatic impact it has on food quality and subsequently, our health. It really is the missing link.


Glenn Morris: Biography

After completing a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture through The University of Sydney in 2005 he has spent the past 9 years researching and practising advanced land stewardship models. In his earlier career in conventional stud and commercial beef cattle operations, Glenn completed 20 years of observations, and intuitive farm practice.

Glenn continually seeks to understand the intricate web of natural processes that rely on each other, and then strives to allow nature to work harmoniously alongside regenerative farming production. Glenn’s passion for developing a better understanding of how to enhance the land to produce top quality pastures and high quality/high value livestock, is behind his work ethic each day. The output from his professional approach to farming and his pursuit of best practice, beef from FigTrees Organic Farms, is highly regarded as one of the premium organic ethical brands on the market. FigTrees Organic Beef was a finalist at the 2013 ABC delicious produce awards.

Glenn won the 2014 State Landcare award for Innovation in Sustainable Farm Practices and recently received Highly Commended at the National Landcare awards in this category.

In addition Glenn is often asked to present and share the findings from his major dissertation work “Sustaining National Water Supplies By Understanding The Dynamic Capacity That Humus Has To Increase Soil Water-Holding Capacity”, a paper highlighting the win/win opportunities which are possible for the environment, consumers and farmers by working more cooperatively with natural processes.

Supported by his wife Katrina and motivated by his three sons Ben, James and Andrew, Glenn believes that as land stewards, farmers needs to make changes to preserve and enhance our farming land for present and future generations.


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