Nick Ritar: Milkwood Permaculture

Meet Nick, our resident mushroom expert

In the What to Eat program, Nick Ritar from Milkwood Permaculture will be sharing his passion and knowledge around the oft-overlooked and highly nutritious kingdom of Fungi. He’ll talk about easy ways to avoid the most pesticide-laden varieties and how to source better quality.

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Nick Ritar grew up on a sprawling national park in western NSW, he later became a software architect and video artist. Nowadays as one half of Milkwood Permaculture, Nick spends his life immersed in the philosophy, ethics, and practicalities of living and working with, rather than against, the natural environment.

Milkwood Permaculture

By teaching permaculture, urban agriculture and mushroom cultivation, Nick shares his passion and knowledge with hundreds of students each year, helping them to explore another way of living.


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