Why nose-to-tail nutrition?

By our logic, food that’s grown ethically and sustainably, prepared traditionally and enjoyed locally (with family, friends and laughter), guarantees optimal nourishment – just as it has through the ages.

But it’s bigger than individual health.

We believe that if more people discover how to shop, cook and eat this way – collectively, we can create a better food system. One which prioritises soil health, the welfare of farmers and their animals and ultimately provides a more nutritious and delicious product for us all to enjoy! It’s time we joined the dots. Our food choices are powerful.

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Learn how to use food to create
sustainable healthy living

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Learn how to halve your food bill and double your nutrient intake as you discover smart shortcuts to waste-free cooking and kitchen efficiency. There are delicious ideas and recipes inside that will change the way you cook.

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What to Eat Program

The What To Eat program is an easy and effective pathway to a sustainably healthy life. Without demanding huge lifestyle shifts, the program starts where you are. By rekindling lost food wisdom, shopping smart and learning to cook in a way that maximises nutrients, you can regenerate your health and that of the generation behind you.

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Events & Classes

I offer online webinars, cooking workshops, talks and events. See my upcoming event and class schedule.

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Hi, I’m Georgia.

I’m on a mission to empower people to take charge of their health by using food as medicine. I have witnessed incredible healing of many chronic health conditions and have come to believe that many of the diseases which plague our modern society can be reversed simply and easily with dietary and lifestyle change.